Sunday, 16 February 2014

Track Of The Day: Broken Bells - 'Perfect World'

Today's Track Of The Day comes from the new Broken Bells album 'After The Disco', their second full-length. An eclectic record packed with accessible hooks and catchy melodies, it has been described as "their best effort yet: a textured, kaleidoscopic pop record that crackles with imagination" by the Pretty Much Amazing site. Meanwhile The 405 said: "It's euphoric, it's psychedelic, it's atmospheric and it's melancholic. At no point does it feel like Broken Bells are resting on their laurels...". While the last album James Mercer made with The Shins sounded almost like a follow-up to the first Broken Bells album, 'After The Disco' pairs him up with Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) again to create a set of melancholic yet uplifting tracks that all seem to come from their own place. 'Perfect World' is the opening song on 'After The Disco' as well as the album's longest track, and has a synth hook that echoes 'Bring Me Sunshine'. And funnily enough, this album does bring plenty.

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