Saturday, 8 February 2014

REWIND: Gene - 'London, Can You Wait?'

In hindsight, it's easy to see why Gene stood out amongst all the other British guitar bands that emerged in the mid 90's, but it would also be a lie to claim that they had nothing to do with Britpop. Attitude and style-wise, they had very little in common with the likes of Oasis, and never considered themselves to be part of the Britpop movement. However, there's no denying that Gene's music reflects the positivity and hopefulness of the era, and their success may not have happened in a different musical climate. 

Earlier this week all four of the band's studio albums plus the b sides compilation 'To See The Lights' have all been reissued as 2CD deluxe editions. From the wonderful 1995 debut 'Olympian', the astonishing 'London, Can You Wait' only has one chorus, but it has the power of a hundred. A classy, heartfelt ballad delivered and sung brilliantly, it's one of the era's most underrated treasures and proves that their album tracks could sometimes hold even more magic than the hit singles... Read my in-depth review of Gene's entire back catalogue HERE. The band may be no more but frontman Martin Rossiter continues to release top class music as a solo artist, and a Spotify stream of his superb debut 'The Defenestration Of St. Martin' can be found HERE.

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