Friday, 3 January 2014

Track Of The Day: Pixies - 'Blue Eyed Hexe'

So the very first Track Of The Day of 2013. Not strictly true in some ways, since I featured some tracks due for a 2014 release at the tail end of last year, but no need to be pedantic... Following on from the surprise release of their 'EP 1' last September, the Pixies have only gone and done it again. The band have made 'EP2' available to fans via a limited edition 10" vinyl, and via an instant download which appeared this morning. The EP features 'Blue Eyed Hexe', 'Magdalena', 'Greens and Blues' and 'Snakes'. The vinyl release is limited to 4000 copies and comes with a FLAC download plus a black patch-stitched hoodie. Alternatively the EP can be downloaded for £4 via the Pixies website... Rumours are that an album is on its way and a little bit of inside info I was told a year or so ago seems to back that up. Despite only hearing it once so far, 'Blue Eyed Hexe' immediately strikes me as the best thing the group have released since they reformed. Not too sure who's playing bass on this one though...

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