Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Track Of The Day: The Bohicas - 'XXX/Swarm'

In terms of new bands to look out for this year, it's The Bohicas that are getting me rather excited. Banging out dark, adrenaline charged rock n roll is something that these four men do brilliantly on the two new songs that soundtrack their debut video, which can be seen here. 'XXX' and 'Swarm' offer fierce guitars, post-punk atmospherics and driving rhythms that come together in explosive fashion, suggesting that this new signing to Domino Records are most definitely worth looking out for. A press release describes the "Essex and east London borderlands"-based group as one that makes "ambitious and arresting rock 'n' roll", adding that they "also have a serious stage presence and are destined to be heralded as a great live act."

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