Tuesday, 28 January 2014

1 To Z: 999 - 'Emergency'

Another track in my '1 To Z' series. Technically, I'm supposed to be going through them alphabetically but I have found myself missing out certain artists/bands and having to add them in later! So today, here's a band who should have been featured alongside 2 Wounded Birds, 3 Colours Red and 808 State when we were doing the numbers. I first heard this on various punk compilations during the late 90's, possibly early 2000's. It was certainly before I got majorly into punk old and new during the mid 2000's. As far as I can recall, it was in the early 2000's that I purchased these two budget price punk compilations (pictured here) from Woolworths for £3.99 each during one of their sales, and it was on these compilations that 999 featured. Here is the classic 'Emergency'... Despite having formed in 1976, 999 have only experienced two permanent changes to their original lineup and has continued to record and play live to the present day, leading Allmusic to describe the band as "one of the longest-lived groups of the punk era."

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