Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Track Of The Day: Stephen Jones - 'Not Coming Home For Christmas'

Gotta love this. Especially the lyric about buying someone a pair of shitty 'Beats By Dre' headphones so that they can then listen to some shitty pop from Katy Perry through them. Kind of sums up modern day consumerism. For just £5.99, you can get this along with six other tracks as part of a digital EP. 

Stephen Jones is a prolific and gifted songwriter who since 1995 has released many albums. As a writer he's penned three published novels and an autobiography, 'Amplified Silence'. As the creative force behind Babybird, Stephen sold over two million records, and scored eight UK Top 40 hit singles. After announcing the end of Babybird in 2012, cult hero Jones became Black Reindeer, a project that has issued at least 12 albums within the last year or so. 

I spoke to this underrated genius about the latest Black Reindeer record, the end of Babybird and his next move in an exclusive interview, which you can read HERE.

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