Saturday, 7 December 2013

REWIND: Eels - 'Climbing To The Moon'

Here's another one of those tracks that I decide to feature as 'Rewind' selections, simply because I found it playing in my head recently, yesterday when shopping in Bristol in fact. Taken from one of my favourite Eels albums too. 'Electo Shock Blues' was the second studio album, and was released in the United Kingdom on September 21, 1998, and October 20, 1998, in the United States, maybe indicating the strength of their British fanbase at the time. A couple of years after this album was released, I went to see the Eels at Colston Hall in Bristol, a bizarre but amazing gig. Apparently the beautiful 'Climbing to the Moon' draws upon frontman E's experiences visiting his sister at a mental health facility shortly before her death.

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