Monday, 2 December 2013

ADVENT CALENDAR: Dec 2nd - The Futureheads - 'Christmas Was Better In The 80s'

A festive stomper from 2010, when The Futureheads released this seasonal number as part of Nul Records' 10th year anniversary celebrations. If you're enjoying the tunes from this year's RW/FF Advent Calendar, then maybe you could donate to The Trussell Trust to help feed those in need this Christmas... details at the bottom of this article.

Music blogger Barry Gruff said: "Usually Christmas songs are overly sentimental, unoriginal, cheesy and bile inducing rubbish. Yes there are exceptions Jona Lewie and The Pogues for example so this one took me by surprise. The Futureheads certainly wouldn’t be top of anyones list to tackle this void and record a ‘Christmas Song’. Well they have. It has just the right amount of sentimentality, it’s called ‘Christmas Was Better In The 80s’ after all but they tread carefully to avoid  coming off as total mush. Add a dose of the usual and reliably explosive hallmarks of The Futureheads and you’ve got a tune. An enjoyable listen, probably the best ‘original’ Christmas tune for sometime....". 

I have to agree.

The RW/FF Advent Calendar is proud to support The Trussell Trust, helping feed those in need this Christmas. Also, for every 'retweet' @rwffmusic gets on Twitter this month, 2p will go to the cause. You can also give food to your local foodbank (find yours HERE) and donate money to the cause HERE.

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