Thursday, 21 November 2013

REWIND: Levellers - 'Forgotten Ground'

Another one from 1995... Since the first edition of my weekly RW/FF With Ben P Scott columns (which can all be found HERE) I have bringing you a bit-by-bit account of my musical memories, and the part dedicated to 1995 has been going for months now. Yes, it was a memorable year, and a year that changed my entire outlook on music forever, but perhaps the reason I'm taking so long getting through my accounts of the year is because I never wanted it to end, and subconsciously my mind is telling me to relive 1995 for as long as possible. 

But I HAVE been writing the final chapter that details the last month of the year. I've also been promising for many weeks that my 18 years belated 'Best Of 1995' compilation will be online soon, but compiling the thing is taking ages. Again, maybe wanting to relive the year so much is what's making me take so much time over this... Here's something from that 1995 compilation I've been busy working on... and for the record, 'Zeitgeist' by the Levellers was an amazing album...

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