Tuesday, 19 November 2013

REWIND: Elastica - 'Connection'

Every year I make an annual compilation featuring the best music of the year in question. I started doing this in 1997, but have recently been (belatedly) compiling a 'Best Of 1995' collection, which due to my love for music from that particular year, has been taking a very long time for me to compile. So here is one of the many, many tracks included on it. I miss Elastica and didn't think their second album was as bad as what some made it out to be. I especially loved the tracks they did with Mark E Smith. But this classic single (rumoured by some to be secretly written by Damon Albarn) is something that will continue to be played for years. Awesome debut album too. Talking of music from the Britpop era, my friends over at the Britpop Revival radio show broadcasted a first birthday special the other night, which is now online for all to listen back to, or catch up on if you missed it. They kindly gave a mention to me and my site, as well as playing a lovely bit of Mansun for me as part of the all-request special. Listen to that HERE, and go their website HERE.

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