Saturday, 19 October 2013

Track Of The Day: Metamono - 'Linger Langour'

With advancing technology, these days anyone can put together a dance track made up of many different sounds, meaning that many unworthy mainstream nobodies have been trying to hide a lack of talent, skill and creativity behind a load of shiny, buffed-up digital sounds. Aware of the abysmal direction electronic music could be heading towards, Metamono create music using only old analogue instruments, and have completely abolished digital recording and production as a rule. In fact they work around an innovative manifesto, which can be seen HERE at their website.

Stripping away the last few decades of dance music and building a new alternative from scratch, when sources are restricted, a greater degree of imagination has to be applied. And imagination is a vital ingredient for great music, a fact underlined by this pinging, fizzing, screeching, buzzing analogue wonder. Following on from a couple of excellent EPs, the debut album 'With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics' is released Monday (October 21), a fascinating and rewarding record that spans four sides of vinyl, reflecting four different sides to the sound of these visionary electronic musical scientists. A full write up will be coming soon to the reviews section...

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