Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Track Of The Day: Empty Paintings - 'Life Was Richer'

Empty Paintings is a duo made up of Nigel Clark and Colin Foreman. Clark is best known as frontman of 90's legends Dodgy, who were busy recording their brilliant comeback album 'Stand Upright In A Cool Place' when the idea for Empty Paintings came about. During the spring of 2010, Clark and Foreman began writing and recording a selection of material in a run-down barn that doubled up as a recording studio, located in Worcestershire. By the end of the year they had come up with a whole album's worth of material, and two of the Empty Paintings songs even made it onto the critically acclaimed 'Stand Upright In a Cool Place', when it was released in early 2012. The songs in question ('Shadows' and 'Did It Have To Be This Way') both ending up becoming fan favorites, and go down very well at gigs.

Now the time has come for the Empty Paintings to be exhibited more extensively, as their 'Empty Paintings One' EP is released digitally. It contains four tracks, and can be heard in full HERE. From it, today's Track Of The Day is the wonderfully resigned melancholy of 'Life Was Richer'. While Nigel continues to play and record with Dodgy, lyricist Foreman lives on the waterways of Britain, in a small house boat. Inspired by that sense of freedom and beauty that surrounds him he writes poems and stories of his travelling experiences and the people he meets along the way.

(note: although the track below is labelled 'Four Bags Of Gold', this is a mistake. It IS in fact a mislabeled 'Life Was Richer'...)


  1. Really thoughtful and insightful lyrics allied to solid melodies and performance.

  2. Lovely song - the strings are great and a nice melancholy feel.