Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Track Of The Day: Cave - 'Shikaakwa'

A selection from Cave's new LP 'Threace', released this week (October 14) on Drag City records. Comprising of 5 tracks that stretch to 42 minutes, pieces are elongated, made up of repeating riffs and off kilter rhythms that gradually unfold bit by bit. It's a record that requires patience over the course of a few listens to be enjoyed properly, and the 5 minute 'Shikaakwa' is the LP's shortest track. Touches of 70's prog and krautrock are put together with a stubborn percussive groove as wandering guitar parts intertwine with analogue synths and the bright, organic flourishing of woodwind, flutes and other jazzy developments. It's odd, it's rather beautiful, and its rhythms really lock the listeners ear into its calculated patterns. According to Wikipedia: "Cave is a primarily instrumental psychedelic drone band based in Chicago, Illinois, composed of keyboardist Rotten Milk, guitarist/organist Cooper Crain, bassist Dan Browning and drummer Rex McMurry."

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