Thursday, 17 October 2013

REWIND: The Orb - 'Towers Of Dub' (Live, Trekkoner Sunset Gig, Copenhagen 1993)

The history of electronica just wouldn't seem complete without The Orb, impossible to imagine even. As well as a story of Alex Paterson's output over the 90's, the new 3CD boxset 'A History Of The Future' also tells of how dance music changed over the ten year period, beginning at the height of rave and ending with polished pop numbers featuring female guest vocalists. In between however, we are reminded that The Orb stood by themselves within the genre and followed a dramatically different path to all the others.

The highlight of the whole package has to be the third disc featuring mind blowing live interpretations of key tracks, which with the exception of the final number, are taken from a glorious 1993 set at Denmark's Trekkoner festival. Using tape machines and mixers to trigger off a wealth of extraordinary noises, samples and entrancing beats, they created a mesmerising, stratospheric live experience that transported audiences into new orbits. Only listen if you're prepared to go on a journey. On an incredible 'Towers Of Dub', Eno-like vibes collide with barking dogs, reggae rhythms, as the pair brilliantly utilise an arsenal of sounds from all corners of the globe and beyond. It's truly music to lose yourself in...

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