Saturday, 26 October 2013

REWIND: The Fall - 'Psycho Mafia'

So yesterday was John Peel Day, a yearly occurence that marks the anniversary of the legendary radio DJ's death on October 25th. Next year in 2014, it will be exactly ten years since we bid farewell to Peelie. The first memory I have of hearing his show was on the car radio during the early 90's when me and my family were on the way back home from a holiday in Andorra. But it wasn't until Blur played a live session on his show in 1997 that I began listening. Often some of the more well-known groups who he made people aware of would be invited to play sessions on his show, and it was whilst listening to sessions from the likes of Gene and the Super Furry Animals that I realised just how unique and diverse JP's playlists were. Because the four session tracks were spread throughout the night, I'd have to sit through things that I didn't know, making me more aware of different genres, treasures from the past, and great records that couldn't be heard anywhere else. Although I (may have) purchased The Fall's 'Touch Sensitive' single previously, it was when Peel played a savage live version of 'Psycho Mafia' from the band's 'Live 1977' bootleg album, featuring the earliest known recording of the group. After this I started paying a lot more attention to The Fall. Cheers, John.

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