Saturday, 12 October 2013

REWIND: The Divine Comedy - 'National Express'

So much to do today. So little time to do it in. And putting together this week's bloody music news round-up has eaten away an hour of my day. So today's 'Rewind' track is one that you're just going to have to find out about yourself... OK I can't resist, I'm going to have to say at least a few words about this! It's on The Divine Comedy's 'Fin de Siècle' album from 1998, and when I first heard it I thought it was terrible. I also thought it would bomb commercially, but instead it proved to be the most successful single from the album and reached number 8 in the singles charts. 

According to the ever-handy Wikipedia "the song is based on Neil Hannon's observations of life from the window of a National Express coach. Some critics have criticised the song for "sneering" at the working classes, but Hannon has vehemently dismissed this notion..."

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