Friday, 18 October 2013

REWIND: The Beatles - 'Here Comes The Sun'

Exactly one year ago today (October 18) was the day that a huge era of my life ended with the passing of my beloved cat Max, who had been our family's best friend since 1993. He joined us when I was just a 9 year old boy, and we said goodbye when I was a 28 year old man. I miss my little friend, but keep his picture by my bedside every night, and will be making October 18 a special day of remembrance each year. Max was lucky enough to live with a family who loved and adored him, other cats aren't. So another part of Max's legacy (as well as the happiness he brought us) is for me to donate money to the Cats Action Trust (a great Wiltshire charity) as well as send a load of clothes, music and bric-a-brac to their local charity shop. 

The world is an emptier place without him, yet a better place than it was before he arrived. Not many cats get their own funeral. Max did. And out of three songs that we chose to pay tribute to him with, this was one of them...

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