Tuesday, 1 October 2013

REWIND: Aeroplane - 'London Bridge'

Some of you readers may be familiar with my weekly radio show The BPS Broadcast. Every week I do a section called '1 To Z' where I am attempting to play as many of the artists featured in my record collection as possible, in alphabetical order. Last week there wasn't a show due to me being ill and tired. The week before was my all-Manics special, and the week before that there was no show due to unforeseen circumstances at the station. So it was a relief to finally get the opportunity to play this... Except it wasn't this track I played...  I first heard Aeroplane on BBC 6Music back in 2010, when the excellent 'Superstar' single was all over their playlist. 'Superstar' was the song I played on last night's show, but since it already featured as a 'Song For Today' back in 2011 HERE, I've featured this other track instead. Soon after it came out, I got a copy of the slighty inconsistent 'We Can't Fly' album, from which 'London Bridge' is taken.

"Aeroplane is the pseudonym of Vito de Luca, the Belgian nu disco music producer and DJ. Known for incorporating a mix of French House and Balearic Beat, Aeroplane made a name for himself as a club DJ. Aeroplane's music is disco-styled, often on the 1980s decade. Formerly Aeroplane was a duo, consisting of Vito de Luca and Stephen Fasano (The Magician), that left band in 2010..."

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