Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Track Of The Day: Virginia Wing - 'Donna's Gift'

Lovely song that was also featured by God Is In The TV for their own Track Of The Day. I try not to feature tracks which are also TOTD on that particular site, since I write for them as well. So for a song to be a GIITTV Track Of The Day AND a RW/FF Track Of The Day, it has to be bloody good. So congratulations, Virginia Wing, YOU are bloody good. Virginia Wing are a four piece from London who describe their sound as "avant-garde pop". Their debut EP is entitled 'Extended Play' and from it is the lusciously mysterious 'Donna's Gift', which reminds me a bit of Stereolab. GIITTV's Mark Barton (who also writes the excellent The Sunday Experience HERE) complimented the song for the way it "blends swirling kaleidoscopic electronics with trace elements of Francophile pop, all subtly glazed in an amorphous soft psych grounding"...

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