Saturday, 7 September 2013

Track Of The Day: Northern Uproar - 'All That Was Has Gone'

For the last few days I have been featuring some of the essential tunes of summer 2013. Here's another one...

Written off by many as Britpop "also-rans', this year Northern Uproar returned with an album that surprised many critics, winning praise for its strong songwriting and admirable diversity. 'All That Was Has Gone' is their fourth album, funded by dedicated fans via Pledge Music and raising a two-fingered salute to the music industry that turned their back on such a fine group. My review of the album can be found HERE, and the biography I contributed to the band's official website can be seen HERE...

Buy your copy of 'All That Was Has Gone' on CD HERE (in the UK)
and HERE (for the rest of the world)
Or digitally from HERE

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