Thursday, 5 September 2013

Track Of The Day: Goat - 'Stonegoat'

As September begins and the summer starts to drift away, I'm featuring a few of my favourite tracks of Summer 2013. 

Earlier this year at a Thought Forms gig (detailed HERE), I met a guy called Chris who was running the band's merch stall. It turned out that he was more than just a friend of the group, but also the man behind the Rocket Recordings label. After chatting with Chris about the shabby state of the mainstream and the wealth of talent lost in the noise, it was obvious that a guy with such a knowledge and passion for music was going to have pretty damn good bands signed to his label. The first one I decided to check out were the Swedish psyche warriors Goat, whose debut album 'World Music' gained them many admirers when it was released in 2012. This year in June 2013 they released a 7" single featuring new tracks 'Dreambuilding' and the fascinating wah-wah chaos of 'Stonegoat', which can be heard below. The band's Glastonbury performance a few months ago was one of the certain highlights of this year's festival.

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