Sunday, 1 September 2013

Track Of The Day: Asian Dub Foundation - 'The Signal And The Noise'

Asian Dub Foundation are a band who have been off my radar for a few years now. In fact if I’m honest, 2000’s ‘Community Music’ was actually the last record of theirs that I was really aware of. So despite the release of five studio albums and a “Best Of” since, their new album ‘The Signal And The Noise’ provides me with a route back into their music after over a decade. 

My fault for not keeping myself updated, but in some ways being unaware of their more recent output has made me appreciate this band a lot more, and the new LP is something I am keen to hear more of. The new single ‘Radio Bubblegum’ is a perfect bit of commentary on the current rotten state of mainstream music, and this brilliant title track from the LP delivers a fierce combination of bhangra beats, hard rock guitars and punk attitude. Brilliant stuff. ‘Signal And The Noise’ was produced by the legendary Adrian Sheerwood, with group member Dr Das promising “a new take on old skool ADF vibes”…

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