Saturday, 21 September 2013

REWIND: Supergrass - 'Time'

In the second half of RW/FF With Ben P Scott # 25 HERE, during one of my recent journeys back to 1995, I recall how Supergrass arrived into my life while I was on holiday in Charmouth... "Having become a DJ myself, visiting the campsite’s bar and club meant spending much of the night criticising the DJ for playing too much kiddy-pop and not enough club tracks. Of course I more than enjoyed the growing number of indie songs that were spun, but when I saw this annoying family up on their feet singing along to this unfamiliar track, it irritated me and intrigued me in equal measures. I thought they were sad and needed to get a life, trying so hard to make the rest of the place aware that they were fans of this song. But what was this song? It was jolly, fun and very catchy indeed. And to my ears it sounded French for some reason. I soon heard the song again on the radio. It was ‘Alright’ and it was by Supergrass. After arriving back from the holiday I soon bought a copy of the CD single from American Dream, the small comic and CD shop in Corsham..."

Later that summer I got the album: "At some point I also acquired a copy of ‘I Should Coco’, the thrilling debut from the previously mentioned Supergrass. (my Dad's friend) John’s ex-wife worked as a rep for EMI and was frequently given promo CDs, a lot of which ended up in John’s hands. In fact, he could pretty much get hold of anything new-ish for free as long as it was released through EMI, and knowing that I was really keen on Supergrass, he managed to get me my own CD copy for free. At this point it MAY have been the very first CD album I ever owned, and a bloody good one it was too..."

Frontman Gaz Coombes' debut solo album 'Here Come The Bombs' was released last year in 2012, and you can read my review of it HERE.

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