Friday, 13 September 2013

REWIND: Primal Scream - 'Come Together' (Terry Farley Extended 12" Mix)

After 'Rocks' became one of my favourite songs, and after the 'Vanishing Point' album had blown my mind, the mighty Primal Scream had become one of my favourite bands. At the time I only owned the one album, but soon the group would play a great gig at Glasgow Barrowlands, which would be broadcast live on Radio 1. I remember this as happening in late 1997, though according to my research it actually took place on February 8th 1998. In my tiny bedroom aged 13 years old, I listened in awe as they began playing this incredible song I had not heard before, but what was this song? I figured out from the lyrics towards the end that it was called 'Come Together', and after hearing that the LP it came from ('Screamadelica') was a classic, it wasn't long before I purchased myself a copy of the CD in question from Falcon Records in Chippenham. 

When I got home I was confused and disappointed to find that the 'Screamadelica' version of 'Come Together' was nothing like the song I had fallen in love with, although after a few listens the extended album remix began to appeal to me in a completely different way. I soon bought a compilation album called 'Weekender', which featured 'Come Together' on the tracklisting but discovered that this was also the wrong version. I eventually found the original version of the song on a compilation called 'Rock The Dock' in the second hand section of Bath's Replay Records. Terry Farley's remix of the song is the closest to the first recording that appeared on 'Rock The Dock', and I own an edited version of this on a 7" single I bought from a charity shop a while ago...

I'm featuring this today because I heard it in a most unexpected place early this morning: on the radio at work, playing just before 6am on Absolute Radio. A most pleasant surprise, so thanks to @ChristianJNash...

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