Monday, 16 September 2013

REWIND: Manic Street Preachers - 'Further Away'

On tonight's edition of The BPS Broadcast we celebrate the return of the legendary Manic Street Preachers as their superb new LP is released. I will be hosting a live two hour show where I will be picking tracks from throughout the band's career, and don't expect to hear just the big radio hits. Massively underrated album tracks, hidden treasures found on the b sides, as well as astonishing acoustic and session versions. I will be playing suggestions from listeners and would also like to hear your MSP memories and stories.

Get in touch via twitter at @rwffmusic or email with your song suggestions and memories.

Tune into the show tonight 6pm-8pm here

Here is an absolutely sublime track taken from their utterly perfect 1996 masterpiece 'Everything Must Go'. This song means a lot to me. Last year when my 19 year old cat Max passed away, it really did feel like the official end of an era, the moment where everything from my childhood and teen years had now gone. These lyrics about "the more estranged i feel from my youth" and things that "fade into your childhood" perfectly sums up the sadness I felt.

It says a lot about this band when their album tracks are a million times better than the big hit singles from most other groups...


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