Monday, 2 September 2013

REWIND: Kula Shaker - 'Sound Of Drums'

Thought I'd better post this to let Crispian Mills know that we want him to come back and make some more music! After getting himself into trouble in the music press with some ill-advised but misconstrued comments about swastikas, literally every music journalist in the country was desperate to make Mills out to be some sort of neo-Nazi ogre, when the man was in fact a great believer in peace, harmony and humanity. Not content with that, the arseholes thought it would also be good to slag off his excellent band Kula Shaker at every opportunity. So it wasn't a surprise that the Melody Maker (or maybe it was the NME) couldn't ignore the fact that the band's 1998 single 'The Sound Of Drums' was released on Hitler's 106th birthday. They even managed to make an issue out of the line "shaking the spear of love in the city", claiming it was a reference to the Spear Of Destiny, a religious artifact much sought-after by the Nazis. The song had nothing to do with Hitler, and no-one would have even noticed if it hadn't been mentioned in the press, but soon there were calls from the Anti Nazi League for the song's release date to be changed. Ridiculous.

The song entered the charts that week at number three, just behind Boyzone and the Jason Nevins remix of Run DMC's 'It's Like That'. The band released their second album 'Pigs, Peasants And Astronauts' the following year before splitting up. After reforming in 2005, they have since released the albums 'Strangefolk' and the rather brilliant 'Pilgrim's Progress'...

The wonderful 'Shower Your Love' was featured as a 'Song For Today' back in April 2011, HERE.

Live version from 'TFI Friday'...

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