Monday, 30 September 2013

REWIND: Josh Wink - 'Higher State of Consciousness' (Dex And Jonesey's Higher Stated Mix)

A bit of a club banger for you today. In fact, a TOTAL club banger. Those who read my weekly RW/FF With Ben P Scott columns may be aware that I am occasionally rolling back the years and revisiting various points in my musical life. You may also know that in the mid 90's my Dad was the manager of a club where I was a very young DJ. Part of my most recent column HERE reads: "Like the other months of the year, October 1995 threw a diverse variety of musical happenings into the charts, which at the time were still interesting and relevant enough for me to take notice of. High up the quality ladder were 'Weekend' by the Todd Terry Project, along with Wildchild's infectious 'Renegade Master' and Josh Wink's tweaky acid workout 'Higher State Of Consciousness', two club classics that both entered the Top 20 the same week. However the latter two tracks didn't find their way into my DJ sets until a few months later when they appeared on various compilation albums..."

Instead of the original version, I'm going to bring you Dex And Jonesy's superb 1996 remix of 'Higher State Of Consciousness' because it is, quite frankly, a killer.

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