Thursday, 5 September 2013

REWIND: Blur - 'Young And Lovely'

Like yesterday, here's another song I've randomly featured as a "Rewind" simply because I feel like it. 

Having never bought any of Blur's 'Modern Life Is Rubbish'-era singles at the time of their release, the second disc that came with last year's deluxe reissue of the album was a wonderful, wonderful thing. It collects up all those B sides from the period, and offers a fascinating alternative view of the band's music as they were gearing up to change the face of British music. This song is one that I've become increasingly fond of, and also one that the band themselves have developed a huge love for, as they dusted it off and aired it on last year's UK tour. Noticeably Bowie-esque, this is surely a track fit enough for any album...

Read my review of Blur's 2012 gig at the Plymouth Pavilions HERE. The best night of my life? I think so.

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