Thursday, 8 August 2013

Track Of The Day: Higamos Hogamos - Inwards Empire

Dominic Valvona's 'Tickling My Fancy' and 'Polygenesis Perusal' round-ups on God Is In The TV have proved to be great sources of new and often unusual music, as has his brilliant Monolith Cocktail site, which can be found HERE. Through it I've discovered Malian funk, Spanish psychedelia, German electronica, and now this wonderful thing from Higamos Hogamos. Dominic describes their new EP: "Smoothing out new musical peregrinations into the expanses of a well-travelled Krautrock imbued cosmos, Steve Webster’s nonsensical moniker, Higamos Hogamos troupe are back with yet another ‘fuzzy majesty’ release of live instrumentation and diaphanous analogue twiddling.... The main thrust as usual is quality. Get your kicks where you Can!". Will definitely be investigating this intriguing artist further...

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