Monday, 26 August 2013

REWIND: John Martyn - May You Never

The very first "Rewind" track. This is intended to run alongside 'Track Of The Day'. TOTD will supply a daily helping of new music, 'Rewind' will provide you with a classic from the past...

As someone who only owns two John Martyn albums ('Solid Air' and 'Glorious Fool'), an upcoming collection of his work is something I am hugely tempted by. The boxset ‘The Island Years’ is the most definitive collection of the legend’s glory days on the Island Records label, beginning in 1967 with ‘London Conversation’, up to the last album he recorded for the label, The Apprentice in 1987. The box is released on September 30th, containing 17 CDs, a DVD, a 120 -Page hardcover book, plus rare memorabilia and previously unseen photographs. From the seminal 1973 classic ‘Solid Air’, here’s ‘May You Never’…

More information about the boxset can be found HERE.

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