Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Track Of The Day: MONEY - Bluebell Fields

Wonderful track I discovered after it was featured on God Is In The TV as Track Of The Day a while ago. Now it makes MY Track Of The Day as well. 

After two very limited edition 7" singles last year, and having signed to Bella Union Records, Manchester-based quartet MONEY are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, due for release late summer. Here's an early taste, "Bluebell Fields."

Just beautiful.


Monday, 29 July 2013

REVIEW: Jordan Whatley - The Shadowed Planet (Martian Music)

'The Shadowed Planet’ is the debut album from 18 year old Wiltshire-based singer songwriter Jordan Whatley, recorded in just four hours and comprising of nine tracks. It’s an organic piece of work featuring just voice and acoustic guitar with the occasional second-guitar overdub, the songs revealing a growing talent for making the most out of simple, good old fashioned musical ingredients. Demonstrating a cross-generational range of influences are opening numbers ‘The Brave I’ and ‘II’, displaying shades of Dylan, the Levellers and Frank Turner while lyrically dealing in poignant anti-war sentiment. Often the music moves towards acoustic folk territory, but vocally there are clear signs of American rock influences.

He doesn’t write just for the sake of it, instead he uses music as an outlet for his thoughts, memories and observations while gradually trying to piece together his own sound out of his influences. The title track and the brightly upbeat ‘Alternative Point Of View’ have a sound reminiscent of those great acoustic Oasis b-sides, while the autobiographical ‘Memories’ invites you into the mind of Whatley as he recalls his not-long-gone school days. Highlights ‘Tears On The Glass’ and ‘Go Home Tonight’ show his flourishing knack for a catchy melody, the latter delivering a singalong chorus, while ‘The Child With The Troubled Mind’ and the 7 minute closer ‘The Homeless Man’ take the lyrical focus to more thought provoking places. 

This is just the beginning, but a promising debut effort that suggests there’s plenty more to come from Whatley and many more musical avenues for him to explore. 3.5/5

'The Shadowed Planet' will be available on iTunes and Spotify soon, and a CD copy can be purchased at upcoming gigs, including:

Sat 3rd August - The Pilot, Melksham
Sunday 4th August - Raves From The Grave, Warminster

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Owiny Sigoma Band - Harpoon Land

This sounded amazing during the heatwave last week, and is still sounding great now. While the rain's back give this a listen and let it transport you back to the intense heat. This track just has a sizzling sound to it like it's being cooked on a BBQ... short and sweet too. 

Taken from Owiny Sigoma Band's second album 'Power Punch' released on Brownswood Recordings.

Purchase the album:
iTunes // http://bit.ly/10xX76D
Amazon // http://amzn.to/Z7RA5D

Direct from Brownswood Recordings http://bit.ly/10xXdv4

Friday, 26 July 2013

RW/FF With Ben P Scott #22

The supposedly weekly column returns! I talk about what I've been upto throughout June and July, and bring you news of my brand new radio show. Plus top class new music from the Manic Street Preachers, Public Enemy, Temples, Beck. Classixx, Moby, MONEY, Gesaffelstein, Midimúm, Hot Chip, Kings Of Leon and the Owiny Sigoma Band. Then at the end, a few classics from 1995.

Greetings readers and congratulations for remembering that I am actually still supposed to be writing this regular (or slightly less regular of late) column. This is in fact the first RW/FF in over a month, although I have not managed to publish a full one since May 31st! Shockingly slack. Does the shortage of recent columns mean I've been listening to less great music? No, in fact the exact opposite. 

Multiple factors have played a part in my recent break, including the fact that at the beginning of May I began a part time job beginning work at 4am six days a week, so my whole sleeping pattern and day to day routine has changed. Secondly there's the major setback I suffered when my phone stopped working, a phone which contains pieces that I am writing for a book, some almost-completed articles and tracklists for some upcoming mixtapes. Worse still this phone is what I usually use for writing all of my material, since I do not have a computer or internet access at our flat. Instead I write all my articles, reviews and columns using a mobile blogging app and then publish it to the internet at my Mum's house or sometimes at the library using wi-fi. At the moment I'm waiting till I can afford to get the phone fixed but I'm also hoping to buy a laptop soon, so all of this will be a hell of a lot easier. Of course many of you will have seen me still managing my usual Twitter and Facebook updates, but these don't take the time and thought required for a column such as this. So this week's column comes to you drafted on bits of paper, scribbled by myself throughout the week. 

Not being able to write in my usual way has given me opportunities to spend the downtime listening to more new music to write about in future, and some of the stuff coming out over recent months has been awesome. I expect quite a few of you have heard some great new albums this year. But are you still listening to them one or two months later? Lots of people say that albums aren't as great as they used to be. I think it's because these people aren't giving the albums in question a chance to grow on them, like music did in the pre-digital age. This is something which I am going into much greater detail about in my upcoming book, and I think that the internet and its choice and free availability of music has actually proved to be a negative thing in terms of music standing the test of time and meaning anything hugely significant to listeners. 

What I've been doing lately is trying to balance out the discovery of new music whilst also remembering the other records that I have enjoyed this year. In the pre-digital age we had to buy albums in order to hear them, unless someone you knew had a copy. When you listened to that album for the first time, you'd WANT it to be great because you'd just spent money on it, so if you didn't instantly love all of it first time, you'd play it more and soon the music would grow on you, revealing its brilliance over repeated listens and embedding itself into your day-to-day life. We couldn't just go on the internet and instantly listen to an album for free. Sometime you will check out an album, not warm to it immediately and then move on to the next new release, before doing the same again and again. Years ago we had to make the best out of the music we already had, we valued it more and we gave it more time. I feel we've lost that, and it has led a lot of people (sometimes including myself) to take it for granted. Time for that to change. Of course don't limit yourself to a tiny amount of new stuff and repeat things till you get sick of them, but remember to listen to something more than a couple of times before you make up your mind. Employ a healthy balance by focusing on the best of the new as well as giving plays to the recently-released albums and singles you've enjoyed the most, and they will soon sound as special and significant to you as music did back in the pre-internet days. 

So with that in mind, throughout June and July I have been paying special attention to superb records such as Primal Scream's 'More Light', Jagwar Ma's 'Howlin' and 'Silence Yourself', the thrilling debut from Savages. As well as those, there have been a whole host of singles as well as odd tracks from various releases that I round-up and turn into top class compilations. As a member of the press I get most of these free, but you can get them easily and cheaply as digital downloads if you don't want to shell out on the full releases. Don't just stream them for a while and forget about them, BUY them, turn them into a compilation when you have a CD's worth, and those songs are still able to wow you in years to come when you haven't heard them for ages. 

Here are some brilliant tracks from the last few weeks or so, perhaps I will talk about these more in next week's column when there isn't so much to catch up on...

Manic Street Preachers - Show Me The Wonder
Oh yes, my beloved Manics have returned and are sounding magnificent. Unlike on the previous album, they've finally stopped trying to remake 'A Design For Life'. OF COURSE we'd love another big anthem like it, but magic like that cannot be forced. You can't just DECIDE to write an all time classic. So instead of trying to recreate their old glories, they are moving forwards and creating new glories, although in a more creative sense than a commercial one. Rousing brass lifts this lovely track even higher, as smiles are born out a joyously playful melody coupled with a touch of humble sadness. Their 11th studio album 'Rewind The Film' is out in September. SO good to have them back.

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit
Fearsome tune, absolutely heavy with darkness. Sounds a bit like DAF, which is never a bad thing....

Midimúm - Junk Beach (Original)
The 'Last Minute Version' was featured in this column a few weeks back, here is the glorious full length one. One of the summer's finest musical moments I think, sounding stunning on a blazing hot day. Like a dance anthem back when dance anthems were good.

Temples - Colours To Life
Now this keeps sounding more and more massive every time I set ears on it. Discovered this lot a few months ago on a great CD that came with MOJO magazine. Sky high, powerful and truly mesmerising brilliance. Cannot wait for the debut album.

Beck - I Won't Be Long
The most beautiful piece of music that Beck has uncovered for a long time. Here is an edit, but seek out the 15 minute version which features former Sonic Youth legend Kim Gordon on backing vocals...

Classixx - All You're Waiting For (feat Nancy Whang)
On Facebook I am a member of PSL, a group made up of people who used to read Planet Sound, the old music pages on Channel 4 Teletext. In a special 'new music' thread I started, a fellow group member made me aware of this piece of electro-pop genius that recalls classic Human League amongst other stuff. Heard another track from them on Lauren Laverne's 6Music show a few weeks ago, so will be investigating their album soon.

Hot Chip - Dark And Stormy
As a BBC 6Music listener, I've certainly been aware of this band for a long time, since they have enjoyed a lot of airplay on the station. However up until now I haven't liked anything they've done, viewing them as a bit overrated, frankly. But with this single they have well and truly proved themselves and have deservedly won my respect.

Kings Of Leon - Supersoaker
Well, this was a surprise. I loved this band's 2003 debut, but haven't really been keen on much of what they've released since. So I certainly didn't have high expectations for this new song of theirs. Turns out it's a cracker, with an utterly charming melody and signs that point towards a return-to-form. Or maybe it's a one-off and the rest of the new album will be shit. We'll see...

Moby - A Case For Shame (feat Cold Specks)
An artist who I have gradually warmed to over the years, as my tastes have expanded and my mind has opened. Ghostly, classy and a fine taster for the forthcoming album 'Innocents'.

MONEY - Bluebell Fields
All I know so far about this group: Manchester band. Absolutely wonderful track. Will be keeping a close eye out for more in the future....

Owiny Sigoma Band - Harpoon Land
Sizzling sunshine tune that I've been hearing lately on 6Music. Short and so, so cool.

Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up (feat Brother Ali)
Best tune they've pulled out the bag in years! Downloadable for free here http://bundles.bittorrent.com/public-enemy/

After over a year away from presenting radio shows, I have recently returned to the airwaves, or should I say the online airwaves. Following the launch of my local station Melksham Town Sound, I decided to join the team and bring with me my own unique brand of musical wonder... In simpler terms I mean I now have my own radio show, a show that subverts all normality for two hours of whatever the hell I feel like playing. Better still, this is on a station where the listeners are used to Top 40 chart hits and (to them) more familiar things. Sod that, I'm there to open up their minds and ears with some interesting music. Some people tuned in on Monday night expecting to perhaps hear some JLS or Ed Sheeran and instead what they got was a ferocious blast of 'Sir William Wray' by The Fall, Mark E Smith's abrasive growl tearing through their ears like a knife. Things like this please me.

My show, The BPS Broadcast is on LIVE (yes, live) on Mondays from 5pm till 7pm. As you'd expect lots of great new music, as well as lots of treasures from the past and the classics. Go to http://www.melkshamtownsound.co.uk/ and if you can't get their media player to work, then just click this link HERE to listen live. On Monday nights that is.

So what else have I been upto throughout June and July while this column has been on a temporary break? Here's a few things I zapped across the internet via my Twitter page throughout June 2013...

14th June - "Glad to hear @liamgallagher has changed his mind about going on the shitty X Factor. He's going on The Voice instead. Not QUITE as bad... But it is very sad when one of our greatest icons says it's been his "lifelong ambition" to go on a karaoke show that's been on TV for 2 years..."

20th June - "i am getting VERY impatient. where the fuck is my Jagwar Ma album? I only ordered it online so i DIDN'T have to wait weeks for it... Do vinyl copies of the @JagwarMa album actually exist or is this some sort of cruel tease? Last time i EVER use mail order if i can help it"... 

(After being told the vinyl version wasn't out for another 3 weeks) "i wish certain online shops would tell me things like that before taking my money! not one mention of the delay... i want mine to hurry the fuck up! Mp3 just isn't good enough for those of us with working ears..."

23rd June - "Currently listening to Delakota's 'One Love' album. Awesome record. Who else remembers Delakota?"

"Not many stalls today at the car boot sale due to weather, but getting a John Coltrane live album on vinyl for 50p was worth the visit"

24th June - "As usual the @NME are giving us important cutting edge music news. "Justin Bieber forces private plane to wait 8 hours for his pet monkey"..." "@NME Wow. "First for music news" eh? Well done, you must be so fucking proud of yourselves. Great journalism."

"No :( Bobby Blue Bland has died. RIP @BobbyBlueBland" (Note: this was considered by the NME to be less of a headline than the Bieber monkey story).

25th June - "Amazing track from the great Bobby 'Blue' Bland who died yesterday. 'Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMAJrREHQw4 … RIP"

27th June - "Wow. He's gone up in the world... Pete Doherty planning to sell cigarette butts smoked by Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse http://www.nme.com/news/babyshambles/71052#DAJWfDlZXUeGLihR.99"

DanteBanks: "Think we can close the book on which famous person will die during @GlastoFest :o(

Mrscottmusic: "@Dante_Banks @GlastoFest - Probably Dizzee Rascal on Friday afternoon if his songs are anything to go by. :)"
DanteBanks: "@mrscottmusic @GlastoFest TOTALLY Agree there. At the Muse gig he said died on his arse..."

"My Vitriol are back together! How did i not klnow this news @NME??? You've failed music fans AGAIN! Enough Bieber, more musicians..."

@BBClamacqshow: "#nowplaying @lordemusic who is 16 year old singer-songwriter Ella from New Zealand. Tell us what you think and be part of #Roundtable"

Mrscottmusic: "@BBClamacqshow @lordemusic that was terrible. Please don't play it at us again..."

"I hope all the people moaning about the lack of good music on TV make the most of Glasto on the BBC this weekend! @BBC6Music"

28th June - "No RW/FF column this week due to continued busy-ness. Enjoy Glastonbury folks. I'll be experiencing it on TV as usual with @laurenlaverne and the rest of em"

NME: "It's hours til the music starts @ #glastonbury Keep checking here..." (at 10:56am)

mrscottmusic: "@NME so @Beady_Eye aren't classed as music anymore then? Theyre on in 4 minutes!"

"My homebound Glasto has started earlier than expected thanks to @bbc6music with a live set from Peace. Sounding good..."

"Portishead at Glasto truly brilliant. Also because im watching delayed tv coverage, they've been the headliner for me, last band on"

29th June - RocketRecording: "Two storming sets by Goat at @GlastoFest yesterday!!! Apparently was on telly too!!! Who saw it?"

mrscottmusic "@RocketRecording @GlastoFest I did and it was glorious. Good to see the bbc showing interesting stuff rather than just big name acts..."

"@BBC6Music @bbcglasto I hope some better artists get as much coverage as The Vaccines. They're a sloppy live band..."

"Fatoumata Diawara backstage performance incredible. Different language yet you can feel all that REAL emotion. #glastotv"... "BBC should give more coverage to world music, incredible Malian artists make a lot of western music seem commercial, soulless and pointless..."

"Glasto so far today: Noah And The Whale a crime against excitement. Elvis Costello reliably fantastic. Haim I still don't see the appeal..."

"Sucks that bbc3 choose to show Two Door Cinema Club instead of the legendary Primal Scream. Why?"... "I'm aware that bbc2 will show Primal Scream highlights later but why not show the set live from 9 till 11 instead of panel shows?"

June 30th - "Saturday night Glastonbury: Rudimental = shite. Ben Howard dull and average. Example impressive. The Strypes pub standard #glastobbc"

"Saturday night Glastonbury: a white guy singing bad and unimaginative Oasis cover in a rastafarian accent? oh that was @MaverickSabre"

"Saturday night Glastonbury: Savages brilliant. Rodriguez disappointing. Primal Scream superb. Rolling Stones old yet timeless. #glastobbc"... "My top Glastonbury moments (on TV): 1. Primal Scream 2. Portishead 3. Django Django 4. Savages 5. Bobby Womack  6. Goat 7. Chic 8. Arctic Monkeys"

"By the way my top Glasto moments only include what i saw on TV. LOADS left to watch on the iPlayer! http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ej58q9/performances/lg49mb …"

2nd July - "@JagwarMa @_sounditout AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD THE VINYL IS FINALLY OUT!"...

Those were my highlights of June 2013 in tweets, ignoring my birthday. Some of the things I tweeted throughout July will be coming next week in part two of this "update". 

Some of you may wonder what the "RW" part of RW/FF means. Well it means "rewind", which is something I usually do in the second half of the column. Since the beginning of the year I have been reminiscing about my musical life and the journey in sound I have been on throughout the years. Before my little break I'd reached up to 1995, a truly wonderful year that I was lucky enough to be around for. If you go HERE you will find a list of all previous RW/FF columns, start from #1 and begin reading the story. HOPEFULLY (and I say that with fingers crossed) I will continue my journey through 1995 next week, until then here are some more classic tracks from that year...

Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

Leftfield - Melt

David Bowie - The Heart's Filthy Lesson

Bjork - Army Of Me

Tricky - Hell Is Round The Corner

Levellers - Forgotten Ground

The Orb - Oxbow Lakes

Morrissey - Boxers

Back next week, bye for now.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up

Quite simple the finest tune they've pulled out the bag in years! a FREE download too! The band are also inviting fans to remix the track, a message reading: "The legendary hip hop group is now playing on BitTorrent. Download the Bundle, and unlock a free single, exclusive video content, and 37 multitracks. How you remix them is up to you. So make something dope. Send your tracks back to the artists for the chance to have your remix released by Public Enemy..."

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Temples - Colours To Life

Mesmerisingly powerful new single from hugely promising Kettering-based band. Out Monday June 24th 2013 on Heavenly Recordings.

'Colours To Life' is the second single from Temples, and follows the release of the sold out debut single 'Shelter Song' in September 2012. Produced by the band and mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer, the single features the B-side Ankh and is available on 10" and download.

Temples are: James Bagshaw (vocals & guitar), Tom Walmsley (bass & backing vocals), Sam Toms (drums) & Adam Smith (keys).

Thursday, 18 July 2013

REVIEW: Northern Uproar - All That Was Has Gone (Northern Uproar)

Northern Uproar were still in their teens when they arrived during the glorious Britpop years, making them the best part of a decade younger than the most notable bands of the era. By the time they really began to hit their stride, the music press had dismissed them and should-have-been-hit singles from their underrated second album 'Yesterday Tomorrow Today' were given very little exposure. The group split in 1999 but returned in 2007 with 'Stand And Fight', a record which re-established them as a rock band rather than an indie guitar combo. With many mid 90's groups coming back, they decided to relaunch themselves a couple of years ago, relishing another chance to prove their worth. 

They are aware that commercial success is no longer within their reach, and they are aware that music press cynics will continue to try and dismiss them, but a passion for playing music and a pride that comes with doing what they believe in is what keeps them going. 'All That Was Has Gone' is their fourth album, funded by dedicated fans via Pledge Music and raising a two-fingered salute to the music industry that turned their back on such a fine group.
Listeners will be surprised at the diversity of this record, where the optimism of their self titled 1996 debut meets the infectious melodies of their second LP, topping it off with the hard riffing of 'Stand And Fight'. There are fresh ideas and new directions, but Northern Uproar don't jump on bandwagons or desperately try to follow and conform to trends. They simply play the music they love, whatever style it may be, making the best of what they create. Opener 'There's A Place' sets the tone, a laid back introduction complete with nice Johnny Marr-esque guitars, while the single 'Everywhere That I Go' is the closest thing here that you'll find to Britpop, where the sound of the 1996 debut reappears all grown up and considerably more world-wise. Recorded on a small budget, the basic production takes a while to get used to and initially strays dangerously close to pub-rock, but give this album a blast through a good pair of headphones or some bass enhancing speakers, and the songs will do the business. 

They're clearly having a blast on the superb 'Stealin' Time', which recalls the attitude of early Oasis but delivers the direct punch that makes the Northern Uproar sound stand apart from the rest. Don't expect them to be content with deliberately trying to echo the music of the mid 90's, because these guys aren't about nostalgia. As far as they're concerned, their moment is today. Blur, Suede and the members of Oasis are all in their 40's now. These guys are still in their 30's, and as well as having a lot more to prove have also built up a creative thirst, due to being out of the game for long periods of time. Recent live performances seem to have rejuvenated the band, and experience has allowed them to explore new areas, various tracks benefiting from a healthy amount of "light and shade". During writing and recording, frontman Leon Meya reckoned the new material "just feels very natural". It sounds very natural too. 

After the band split in the late 90's Meya briefly returned to Spain, where he had spent the first five years of his life. He immersed himself in the country's musical culture and began playing in a group with his uncles, an experience that has added some extra colours to his musical palette. This is demonstrated wonderfully on the acoustic pleasures of 'Lies', where the radiant sunshine is paired with a cooling breeze. '(Feels Like I'm) Coming Up' matches guitar melodies reminiscent of early 90's indie with the stiff upper lip grit of its meaty riff, while 'Sometimes' deals in positive reflection. Immediate highlight 'Load It Up' is packed with the sort of classic rock riffs that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Boston album and comes with a hugely infectious air punching chorus that is guaranteed to invade your head and refuse to budge. 

On the other end of the spectrum is the gorgeous 'Riding On The Waves', where the Spanish vibes and touching chorus meet a style that brings to mind Paul Simon's 'Graceland'. Certainly not what you'd expect from the band who were once mistakenly labelled "the new Oasis". 'Never Wanted To Stay' returns to the no-nonsense rock riffs, before the brilliant title track offers a smart bassline and an earnest sense of introspection that builds throughout, leading into a powerful yet understated chorus towards the end. 'You're The One Within' returns to the exotic ambience and ends the album on a high, proving that Northern Uproar have grown far beyond the 'Britpop' tag.

The spirit of Northern Uproar is perfectly summed up in one of Leon's quotes: "It was always about the music, the rest is smoke and mirrors... and overpayed A&R men. Our reasons for doing this haven't changed since we started age 12... It's a fucking amazing way to live, making music with yer mates, and playing it at high volume!" Amen to that. 3.5 out of 5

Buy your copy of 'All That Was Has Gone' on CD HERE (in the UK)
and HERE (for the rest of the world)
Or digitally from HERE

Track Of The Day: The Hosts - Give Your Love To Her

Excellent Sheffield group, produced by Richard Hawley. I have a CD-R featuring tracks recorded for their debut album, and they are fantastic. The new single "Give Your Love To Her" is released through the Fierce Panda Records affiliate Label Fandango on 22 July 2013.

Conceived after a hazy trip to New York (ergo, with no real memory of exactly how it came to be) ‘Give Your Love To Her’ pays tribute to the old adage “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. Joyfully doomed, it is a love song with a twist, a bittersweet sentiment and a huge chorus. So “Take her in your arms, don’t let go…”


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Bleech - Not Like You

Taken from Bleech's new album entitled 'Humble Sky'. 

According to a press release "The record will see the band make a step towards heavier territory whilst preserving the beauty of their melodic background, a beautiful ugly mentality that will capture hearts and stretch minds".

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Beck - I Won't Be Long

Following on from last month's 'Defriended', the ever-brilliant Beck releases his second single of the summer in the form of the wonderful 'I Won't Be Long'. 

Today saw the new song being accompanied by a 15 minute extended version that features former Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon. Gordon contributes “spoken vocals” that appear after the nine-minute mark.

Purchase the 12" vinyl or download from http://store.beck.com/products/i-wont-be-long-12

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Track Of The Day: Tim Burgess - The Economy II (Prince Fatty Remix)

It's not often that I prefer a remix of a song to the original. But THIS is truly wonderful. Makes the perfect accompaniment to the sunny weather too... 

This is available along with the original version as a 7" single released on Tim's very own O Genesis label, which you can purchase HERE. It's the third single from Tim Burgess's critically acclaimed solo album 'Oh No I Love You' released last year. 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Track Of the Day - Moby ft Cold Specks - A Case For Shame

Back in the late 90's I wasn't too keen on Moby. Now I think the man is a genius. 

'Innocents' is his upcoming eleventh studio album, and the first official single from the album is 'A Case for Shame'. The album is set to be released on September 29, 2013, and features collaborations on 7 of the album's 12 tracks.



Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thursday, 4 July 2013

LISTEN: The RW/FF Compilation Volume 7

RW/FF is a weekly column written by Ben P Scott for music and culture site God Is In The TV. Those of you familiar with the column will know that it usually gets published every Friday. Here is the 7th edition of The RW/FF Compilation, which you can listen to via the Mixcloud player below. It showcases the music that has featured in the column over the last few weeks. 

The idea is to buy all of these tracks and burn onto a blank disc, hence why each compilation will be roughly the length of a CD. Alternatively, you can also listen to the whole thing via Mixcloud below… just sit back and enjoy the best new music of the last few weeks…

These tracks are from artists mentioned in editions 19 ,20 and 21 of the column.


QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - fairweather friends
Miles Kane - taking over
No Thee No Ess - 
Hookworms - radio tokyo
Tim Burgess - The Economy II (Prince Fatty Remix)
Midimúm – Junk Beach
Laura Marling - Master Hunter
Crocodiles – Cockroach
JAGWAR MA - uncertainty