Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Track Of The Day: Primal Scream - River Of Pain

It isn't often that two of the best bands on the face of the planet both release new albums in the same week. As well as The Fall's 'Re-Mit', yesterday also saw the release of the amazing new Primal Scream LP 'More Light', their first for five years. 

Listening to the entrancing ‘River Of Pain’ through a good pair of headphones makes me feel like my 13 year old self hearing ‘Vanishing Point’ on my Walkman for the first time, a mind blowing experience packed full of terrific sounds. Its Eastern vibe, hypnotic funk rhythm and shimmering acoustic guitar almost bring to mind a slinky, mysterious relative of 1997′s ‘Kowalski’. Four minutes in, the whole thing breaks down and sucks you into a major freakout, a cascade of free jazz, dub sounds and the booming swell of an orchestra. This psychedelic atmosphere seems to define much of the album, making ‘More Light’ perhaps the trippiest Primal Scream record yet, some of it flowing in a freeform style, some of it sounding tunefully accessible. 

Read my full album review HERE, where you can also stream the album in full

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