Thursday, 23 May 2013

Track Of The Day: Gary McClure - Familiars

‘Wreaths’ is the rather fine debut LP by Manchester based Gary McClure, and was released via AED Records a few weeks ago. McClure was formerly guitarist in Working For A Nuclear Free City but is now proving himself as a solo artist with his graceful, comforting new record. Coloured by harmonious instrumentation and built on reflective songwriting, it’s an album that reveals its quality bit by bit with each rewarding listen. 

From the twinkling dream pop of ‘The Blue Between’ and the gentle swoon of ‘Eimi, Etc’ to the hymn-like ‘Familiars’ (which you can hear below) and the heavenly chords of the sparse ‘If Only’, these subtly emotive tracks feature lush string arrangements that warm you in the glow of the music. This record is well worth investigating. Listen to it in full HERE, and buy a copy HERE.

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