Friday, 24 May 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos of Mark E Smith and The Fall (Bristol, May 2013)

Went to see The Fall last night (23 May 2013) at the Trinity in Bristol, a fantastic night and a fierce performance from Mark E Smith and co. It was a fine example of why this configuration of The Fall has lasted longer than any other. Mark E Smith likes to keep them in shape, play with their sound and put them to the test, while his wife and keyboardist Elena Poulou is the image of ultimate cool, arriving and exiting in a long red coat, handbag hung on the synth stand. MES stands at the front staring over the crowd, a lively and often mental section of them in the centre at the front going nuts throughout most of the set. 

Smith often wanders off to deliver his words behind the stage, spending a lot of the set out of view, and only a few songs in, he’s already kicking microphone stands over and messing with the equipment, but MES and his robust band seem to be having more fun as the set progresses. Here are some pictures I took, and if you go to the bottom of this page you can watch a playlist of some videos I filmed too. Read my full gig review next week.

Bobbie Peru


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