Sunday, 3 March 2013

SONG FOR TODAY: The Dirty Rivers - Black Heart Filth

ARTIST: The Dirty Rivers

SONG: Black Heart Filth


YEAR: 2013

NOTES: The Dirty Rivers are a four piece band from Liverpool signed to the Deltasonic label. I've been aware of them for some time after hearing some of their early demos, and now they release their debut single. 'Black Heart Filth' brings forward a tumbling yearning verse with a Smiths-esque jangle and the kind of hooks that Kasabian would be proud of, before launching into a heavy burst of 'Second Coming'-like riff-a-rama. It is futuristic and groundbreaking? It's not, and they don't care. Is it "lad rock"? It probably is, and again, they don't care. They're giving it away as a free download HERE.

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