Thursday, 7 March 2013

SONG FOR TODAY: The Daturas - This Ain't A Proper Lullaby

The Daturas are a four piece outfit based around Bath, who I discovered last year at a local gig. Since then it seems that some other people have been discovering them too, as they've been going from strength to strength. Singer Joe Chowles is a barge-dwelling "water gypsy" who has just the right sort of voice to bring these songs to life. Their new EP 'Overlooked By The End' was produced by Ian Grimble, known for previously working with the Manics and The Libertines.

The mellifluous lead track 'When' is a gloriously melodic burst of sunshine, where the band's influences are pieced together in a most enjoyable way, and 'Kangaroo' is a fine example of their psychedelic folk sound, where beautiful pedal steel mixes with acoustic guitars, a touch of organ, bright rhythms and bewitching 3 part harmonies to create their own blend of natural sounding bliss. Hints of Crosby, Stills And Nash and Cat Stevens are evident, but there are also touches of more contemporary artists like Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, as demonstrated by the addictive and hugely infectious 'This Ain't A Proper Lullaby'. This exhuberently melodic moment and the gorgeous closer 'Congratulations' make you realise that this is one of those rare EPs where you'll find that every track is as good as the last. Keen for people to hear their music, the band have released the EP as a free or pay-as-you-like download which you can get HERE, before they release it on CD in April. Their website is HERE.

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