Tuesday, 12 February 2013

SONG FOR TODAY: Dawn Of The Replicants - Hogwash Farm

Artist: Dawn of the Replicants

Song: 'Hogwash Farm'

Album: 'One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs'

Year: 1998

Notes: Dawn of the Replicants were a Scottish indie rock quintet from Galashiels. This single "Hogwash Farm" peaked at number 65 in the UK charts. I remember buying this on 7" vinyl, but sadly no longer own it. John Peel aired five sessions from the group, and the single '"Science Fiction Freak', taken from the second Replicants' album, made his 'Festive 50' in 1999. I'm not entirely sure if they are still active, but members of Dawn of the Replicants can currently be found working on projects including Paul Vickers and The Leg, The Stark Palace, The Stone Ghost Collective, Mike and Michi, COW and The Border Boogie Band...

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