Thursday, 24 January 2013

SONG FOR TODAY: The Vestals - Perfect Pain

I'm enjoying this new track, which was featured as Track Of The Day on God Is In The TV. Editor Bill Cummings wrote: "Mysterious Newport outfit The Vestals release their 7” single ‘Perfect Pain’ / ‘Seventeen’ on the 11th of Feb, through Killing Moon Records. A growing reputation in South Wales has seen  The Vestals as name to drop in hushed tones recent months and they have already shared stages with breaking acts including Swim Deep and Bastille and will be touring the UK throughout 2013.'Perfect Pain’ in particular hints at huge promise, with sweeping widescreen production added to chopping guitars, and bittersweet vocals that arc and soars into an indie pop gem….

The Vestals let their music speak for them – or as the band say: “In a time when we know everything about everyone, we believe a little mystery is a good thing.”"

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