Saturday, 15 December 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Field Music - Is This the Picture?

'Plumb' is the fourth full-length studio album by Field Music, released on Memphis Industries Records on 13 February 2012. The album was recorded in their newly-built studio in the band's native Sunderland. It was released on CD and on plum-coloured vinyl, a reference to the album's title. In an interview with DIY, David Brewis told the magazine, "I love the fact that the English language has so many homophones. I think it's one of those unique things about the language which really informs the English sense of humour. It tickles me that we can colour all of the album text and the vinyl plum."

The album's cover art is a collage assembled by Peter Brewis and based on the painting Standard Station by American pop artist Ed Ruscha, a print of which hung in Peter's bathroom. On 12 September 2012 the album was nominated for the 2012 Mercury Prize.

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