Wednesday, 12 December 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Errors - Pleasure Palaces

Taken from the excellent 'Have Some Faith In Magic'... 

"The third album from Errors sees them expand on the finest elements of their sound, producing their most accomplished work to date. Working around their familiar template and adding new and refreshing ideas to embellish things to most pleasing effect, this album portrays a group shaping their sound into something that is their own. 

It's an album you can (sometimes) dance to AND appreciate as a clever, progressive and forward-looking piece of work. If you're not yet familiar with Errors, then now is surely the best time..." 

Read my full review HERE.

Errors are a three piece "post-electro" band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are signed to Rock Action Records, the label founded and managed by the band Mogwai.

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