Thursday, 6 December 2012

PREVIEW: Death Of The Neighbourhood - DOTN REDUX (Stephen Jones, ex Babybird)

A superb artist releases more new material... 'DOTN REDUX' is the new album from Death Of The Neighbourhood (Stephen Jones, ex Babybird), and will be released on December 24th 2012. Scroll down to hear 'The Big Yellow M' and 'Manhattan Floats Away'.

Death of the Neighbourhood's eponymous debut album was a thirty two track epic with a sonic span ranging from the most delicate to the most horrifyingly disturbed and distorted. It was a TRIP and a critically acclaimed work of art. Conceived, compiled and sequenced by ATIC Records' Aim (Andy Turner), DOTN REDUX blends the sweetest tracks from this landmark release with a selection of stunning, all-new DOTN material. Pre-order the 'REDUX' limited edition CD HERE

'God's Not Coming' sets the scene with its combination of dark theme, fragile, sugar-coated vocals and over-driven drums and like the other songs from the debut Death of the Neighbourhood album ('Forgot To Take My Drugs', 'I Love My TV' 'Dumb Down' 'Lost Youth Part II' and 'Bruised Brain'), and rarity 'Manhattan Floats Away', it is re-contextualized within DOTN REDUX, taking on striking new depth. New tracks 'And the Children Sang a Song That Never Ended', 'Elvis Is Coming', ’Kill What You Love' and 'The Big Yellow M' are simple and melodic yet charged with such pure, intense emotion they make us want to cry. Too much? Just listen…

Death of the Neighbourhood is Stephen Jones (ex-Babybird), a prolific and gifted songwriter and musician who since 1995 has released thirteen albums. As a writer he's penned three published novels and a recent auto-biography, 'Amplified Silence'. As the creative force behind Babybird, Stephen sold over two million records, and scored eight UK Top 40 hit singles. He is constantly making music and is currently working on new material for DOTN 2, set for release on ATIC Records in 2013. He has also recently released 2 albums and an EP as Black Reindeer, and you can find out more about those and listen to them HERE...

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