Thursday, 6 December 2012

LISTEN TO: Black Reindeer - Life Is Overrated (Stephen Jones, ex Babybird)

More brand new music from Stephen Jones, ex of Babybird. Stephen has been releasing new material as Black Reindeer, the first album 'Music For The Film That Never Got Made' (listen and buy HERE) being released as a download a few months ago on October 28th. Following an EP 'The End Of Space' (which you can listen to and buy HERE), the second Black Reindeer album has been released. 

The new album is titled 'Real Life Is Overrated' and features 16 brilliant and highly atmospheric instrumental tracks. Listen to the album via the media player below and visit Stephen's Bandcamp page HERE. "Grab yourself a gun - shoot out the lights - pop your mp3 player into its dock - lie back on the psychiatrist's couch and trip into the ether of impure escapism. 
It is hard to believe that the first Black Reindeer album could be ecilpsed."

Stephen is also releasing more music very soon as his Death Of The Neighbourhood project, as the new release 'Redux' sees the light of day on December 24th. More info can be found HERE

Stephen Jones is a prolific and gifted songwriter who since 1995 has released thirteen albums. As a writer he's penned three published novels and a recent auto-biography, 'Amplified Silence'. As the creative force behind Babybird, Stephen sold over two million records, and scored eight UK Top 40 hit singles. Black Reindeer represents his first material since putting an end to Babybird earlier this year following their final album, 2011's 'The Pleasures Of Self Destruction'.

Stephen Jones on Twitter
Black Reindeer on Twitter

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