Thursday, 13 September 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: The Clint Boon Experience - White No Sugar

A superb track I remember being played a lot on The Evening Session back in 1999. At that point I had of course heard of the Inspiral Carpets, but wasn't that familiar with their work apart from 'This Is How It Feels'. I remember buying 'White No Sugar' on 7" vinyl, but sadly don't know where it went. The same goes for a CD copy of the band's 'Comet Theme #1'... 

The Clint Boon Experience, also known as CBX, are an English alternative rock band formed by Clint Boon after Inspiral Carpets first disbanded in the mid 1990s. They released two albums: 'The Compact Guide to Pop Music and Space Travel' and 'Life in Transition', under the independent record label, Artful Records. After they reformed in 2003, Boon is once again the keyboardist for the Inspirals, and is responsible for their trademark organ driven sound... 

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