Friday, 14 September 2012

PREVIEW: Martin Rossiter - The Defenestration Of St Martin

So after years and years of waiting, the astonishingly underrated talent that is Martin Rossiter is finally releasing his debut solo album, his first since the break up of his former band Gene in 2004. 'The Defenestration Of St Martin' will be available via PledgeMusic. To get involved with funding this album, go to Martin's PledgeMusic page HERE. Meanwhile, you can listen to some of the tracks right here, including the brand new 'No One Left To Blame', plus live versions of eight tracks from the album.

The album is due to be released on November 26th. Martin says: "I’ve wanted to make this album for years. Ten beautiful songs, secular hymns, piano and voice – nothing to detract or distract from the melody and the words. Some of these words will undoubtedly make you cry. The melodies will turn to flesh the most calcified heart. 

The tracklisting for 'The Defenestration of St Martin' is:

Three Points on a Compass
I Want To Choose When I Sleep Alone
No One Left To Blame
Sing It Loud
Where There Are Pixels
I Must Be Jesus
My Heart’s Designed for Pumping Blood
Drop Anchor
Darling Sorrow
Let the Waves Carry You

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