Monday, 17 September 2012

MUSIC MEMORABILIA: #14: Oasis magazines

It was the massively hyped release of the third Oasis album 'Be Here Now' that led me to buy the NME on a regular basis. Back then the paper featured some amazing bands and artists, and as a result, also led to start buying other music publications. 

There are certain things that attract me to a music magazine/paper, the main one being a free covermount CD (which explains why the only music publication I now buy regularly is MOJO), but usually if the once-great NME features Blur, the Manics, the Stone Roses or Radiohead on the cover, then I will usually purchase it. 

The same goes for any magazine that featured Oasis on the cover, hence the reason why I have pictured here part of my collection of Oasis-related music magazines/papers... You'll also notice a few books about the legendary Mancunians as well...

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