Friday, 14 September 2012

MUSIC MEMORABILIA: #12 - Signed Inspiral Carpets single

This feature used to be called 'Random Musical Item Of The Day', until I stopped publishing it daily. It was then called 'RANDOM MUSICAL ITEM' but now I've corrected it to the more appropriate 'MUSIC MEMORABILIA'. 

The first time I heard about the Inspiral Carpets was back in the mid 90's, after reading that Noel Gallagher worked as a roadie for the band before finding fame with Oasis. A while later I became very fond of their classic 'This Is How It Feels' after hearing it on a British indie compilation called 'True Brit', which was responsible for introducing me to quite a few legendary groups. 

The band's heroic keyboardist Clint Boon returned with his own band The Clint Boon Experience in the late 90's, and I did indeed purchase a few of their records. In 2002 me and a mate went to Bath to see the Inspirals former singer Tom Hingley, who was playing a free gig at a small venue, treating the audience to a brilliant night. Although Tom was back with the band when they reformed in 2003, he left a few years later and the group welcomed back their original singer Steven Holt. 

The item I have here is a 7" copy of their excellent and most recent single 'You're So Good For Me', which was released for Record Store Day 2012. The sleeve is fully signed by the band, making this one of the most treasured 7" singles in my collection. The Inspiral Carpets have recently been talking about some big news that will be announced soon, and my hope is that the guys will be confirming the recording of a new album. If this single is anything to go by, a new full length from the Inspirals promises to be a real treat...

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