Monday, 13 August 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Plone - Plock

 Absolutely wonderful track that I first heard on John Peel's show about 14 years ago. "Plone were an electronic music band from Birmingham, England. The group was created in late 1994 when Mark Cancellara and Mike Johnston started to buy old analogue keyboards and fx and began to rehearse making huge soundscapes. Johnston was living with Billy Bainbridge, who bought himself a keyboard and joined the band. In 1997, the band were approached by Wurlitzer Jukebox who released the single, "Press a Key". On the strength of this the band were signed to Warp and, in September 1998, released the single 'Plock'. This was tipped as one of the singles of the year by NME, Melody Maker and Dazed & Confused.

An album 'For Beginner Piano' was released in September 1999 to widespread critical acclaim. Their second album has never been officially released, but has appeared on torrent and other file sharing sites on the internet. Bainbridge went on to play keyboards with Broadcast (on the 'Ha Ha Sound' tour), and is now a member of Seeland with Tim Felton (now also ex-Broadcast), and released a single "Wander" / "Pherox" on Duophonic in 2005. Johnston went on to form Mike in Mono, and is also 'Clive 2' in ZX Spectrum Orchestra and a member of the Modified Toy Orchestra."

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