Wednesday, 29 August 2012

SONG FOR TODAY: Charlie Lankester And The Mojo Killers - The Spinning Of The Wheel

The hugely inspirational Charlie Lankester, who will next month release his debut album whilst battling hepatocellular carcinoma - incurable cancer of the liver - next week releases his debut single 'The Spinning Of The Wheel'. You can download the track HERE.

The day before singer / songwriter / pianist Charlie Lankester was due to mix the final track of his upcoming ‘Song In A Minor Key’ solo album in the studio, (in mid-December 2011), he was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma - incurable cancer of the liver. So much for the bad news; the good news is that, in Charlie's own words “I ain't dead yet”; in fact, he is now playing and singing better than ever. “I was feeling so good about the album that when the doctor told me I had only months to live I just laughed and said ‘No mate, that's not gonna happen. I've got an album to release.” Fired up by the determination to see through the fruition of his new creation, he immediately finished mixing and sought the very best alternative medical advice available to him - rather than undergo extensive chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Charlie’s tumour has now been reduced by fifty per cent, thanks to dedicated diets and supplements for cancer, plus several courses of intravenous doses of high intensity vitamin C.

Charlie Lankester first tasted life as a musician when he dropped out of medical school in the late 70’s and spent four years in Aussie cult outfit The Last Chance Cafe, building a major following ‘Down Under’ and winning support slots with the likes of Fats Domino, BB King, JJ Cale, AC / DC, Billy Joel and Status Quo. Various record deals were offered by such labels as Polygram, CBS and Mushroom, but the band imploded just as they were put on the table.

20 years on and Charlie is set to release the first single, 'The Spinning Of The Wheel', on August 20th.

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