Thursday, 23 August 2012

REVIEW: Opossom - Electric Hawaii - listen

'Electric Hawaii' is the debut album from Opossom, a project that is mostly the work of former Mint Chicks multi-instrumentalist Kody Nielson. It's an album of upbeat, summery psychedelic pop that will bring sunshine to even the darkest of places. 

Dusty beats, mesmeric organ and a wonderful flower power vibe are at the heart of the catchy 'Girl', opening the album in an impressive fashion and providing a good example of what is to come. Busy breakbeats and an authentically mysterious 60's pop melody are combined to wonderful effect during 'Fly', while the stunning surf beats and simple, infectious vocodered chorus of 'Blue Meanies' make for a dreamy summer anthem with an irresistible bassline. The shimmering breeze of 'Getaway Tonight' sounds like it's surfing in on a major cosmic wave, delighting with its drum n bass beats and psychedelic synths, before 'Watchful Eye' brings to mind what Air might sound like if they became more twee. 

Parts of the record's second half don't quite hit the heights of the first six tracks, with the exception of the brief title track and 'Why Why', the album's most enjoyably raucous moment. The heavy, repetitive 'Cola Elixir' joins the long list of songs that owe a large debt to the Beatles' 'Tomorrow Never Knows', while the title track is a sweet ambient interlude that leads up to the slow thud of drums and contrasting lightweight vibe of 'Outer Space'. Slow percussion, spacious piano and the welcome arrival of some non-vocodered vocals characterise the closing 'Inhaler Song' before it briefly explodes into an earth shattering blast of noise that takes the listener to a noticeably different place. 

At just over 30 minutes long 'Electric Hawaii' doesn't become at all tiresome, despite two or three tracks not providing the same sun-soaked psychedelic pop thrills that the rest of the album delivers. It's a record worth seeking out if you want to hear something both retro and modern that also mostly succeeds at being experimental and accessible at the same time. 7.5

Opossom Electric Hawaii by Create Control Music

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