Monday, 27 August 2012

LISTEN TO: Elbow - Dead In The Boot (B sides compilation) - SPOTIFY

Elbow release their new B sides compilation 'Dead In The Boot' today (27/08/2012), featuring 13 tracks spanning their entire 15-year career. Listen to the album in full via the media player below (requites Spotify).

"None of our B-sides are album rejects," explains frontman Guy Garvey on the band's official website. "It's a different space, usually just post finishing an album when all the members of Elbow are chiming and feeling very creative. This gives Dead In The Boot a real late night vibe."

01. "Whisper Grass"
02. "Lucky With Disease"
03. "Lay Down Your Cross"
04. "The Long War Shuffle"
05. "Every Bit The Little Girl"
06. "Love Blown Down"
07. "None One"
08. "Lullaby"
09. "McGreggor"
10. "Buffalo Ghosts"
11. "Waving From Windows"
12. "Snowball"
13. "Gentle As"

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